11 August 2017

Team LSP Cares! Giving back to the community one cause at a time

From one of our Lead Photographers, Jennifer Stork:

Have you heard about “#LSPcares” ? There is a part of our company that has always been close to our hearts here at Life Story Photography, and now it has a name. LSP Cares is our company’s way of giving back and passing it on.

As the owner, I have always been able to use Life Story’s equipment, experience and funding to reach out and give a helping hand in our community and beyond. Whether through opportunities to serve overseas as part of video production teams working for missions and non-profit organizations, or through smaller commitments; like donating a photo session to raise funds for a person in our community battling cancer, I have always had the PRIVILEGE of being part of these causes.

More recently, as the team has grown, I have had a desire to include everyone in this joy of serving. It has been such a blessing to be able to contribute with LSP’s help, that I want our whole team to be a part of that in a tangible way.

Our team has been talking about how to implement this over the last year. As we have journeyed through solidifying our vision and mission as a team – how we can make an impact together has been a big part of the discussion. We want our company to be part of the move toward social responsibility in business. We love to see companies that are being intentional about giving back. Even though LSP has always given back, we have been searching for a way to be more intentional about how we do it, and more intentional about communicating about it (starting with this blog post).

We discussed finding a specific charitable organization to partner with. All that we looked at were great causes, but we never settled on one. Partly because even though we can’t help everyone, we want to have availability to consider the many requests we get for help with local causes. And partly because we want our service to come from the heart, and even if our team found an organization that was close to all of our hearts – life will bring changes to the team.

In our journey, we had also considered whether there was a way we could give each of our team members part of the budget to use toward causes THEY were passionate about. This idea was clarified after I read Dave Ramsey’s book, Entreleadership. After learning about his company’s policy that gives team members paid vacation hours to serve/give back, a revelation hit – we can do that. We can give paid vacation hours and use of equipment to each of our team members so they can serve in areas that are close to their hearts. 

What this does for the team:

It makes Life Story’s resources available to our team,
So that they can give back to causes close to their hearts,
So that they can take ownership of the difference they are making
So that they can tangibly share in the blessing of giving

What this does for the community:

It gives the community our resources at a greater capacity
Knowing that their cause will be considered by our whole team
Knowing that when one of our team members serves them, it will be from the heart

What this does for our clients:
Naming our charitable efforts and committing to share more often, allows our clients to connect with the difference that they are making possible.
And, when their Life Story collides with a cause, it gives them a way to let us know about it

Thanks to all of our clients who have worked with us through the years. It is BECAUSE OF YOU that LSP Cares is possible. You have been part of more than you know. THANK YOU.

When you work with Life Story Photography, a part of the investment you make into your family’s story, goes toward helping other families and charitable organizations. As our client, you are a part of Life Story Photography, and you are part of LSP Cares! So from us, and the benefactors of LSP Cares, THANK YOU for your investment!

Do you have a cause you would like to submit to LSP Cares? CLICK HERE 

26 February 2017

Wedding & Newborn Photographer in Berks County PA | Jennifer Stork #teamLSP

Get to know Lead Photographer Jennifer Stork! 

Jenn’s passion for photography and people’s stories began at a young age. She was 15 when she shot her first wedding. After graduating from Calvin College in 2007, she moved to Berks County, PA and founded Life Story Photography. At the time, aside from shooting weddings & portraits through LSP, she was also photographing for the Lebanon Daily News, Spaces Magazine and From House to Home Magazine. At the end of 2010, when her first child was born, Jennifer transitioned to fully devoting her work to wedding and newborn photography for Life Story.

In all the work that she does, Jennifer is motivated by her passion for people and the value she sees in their stories and their relationships.

Interview with Jennifer| Facts & Photos:

Wedding Photographers in Berks County PA_0168


My family is my world! Words can’t describe how grateful I am for my husband, Jeen, and our kids. We were married June 25, 2006 near Reading, PA. It poured that weekend, and poured, and poured until our area hit record breaking flood levels. My grandfather told me that rain on your wedding day means blessings are in store. I guess he was right!

Family photographer in berks county pa


Travel!!! I am always up for an adventure. I traveled across the United Sates with my sister when I was 17,  took a road trip across Europe after graduating college, and since then have been blessed to travel around the world to tell stories of missionaries and non-profit organizations through photos and videos.

Destination wedding photographer based near Reading, PA

Why is photography important to you?

“One should not only photograph things for what they are, but for what else they are.” – Minor White
One of my photography professors had our class listen to music, look at works of art, and then have a moment of silence, after which he shared this quote by the historic photographer, Minor White. It has always stayed with me because it awakened in me an understanding of what I love about visual records of our lives. It is not about what life looks like. It is not about the physical facts. It is about “what else” these moments are. Pieces of a beautiful story – moments that intertwine, connect us and grow us. That is what I love about photography, being able to capture the value and significance that I see in everyday stories. 

wedding photographers behind the scenes
What’s your favorite part about working at Life Story?

I love people. The ladies I have the privilege to work with, the clients we are honored to serve, and the friends and family who support me in so many ways to enable me to do this work. The relationships that have been built as a result of Life Story are invaluable to me.  

photography company in central pennsylvania

3 February 2017

Wedding & Newborn Photographer in Berks County | Amy Stauffer #teamLSP

Get to know Lead Photographer Amy Stauffer! 

Amy has been part of the team at Life Story Photography since the beginning of 2014. She was drawn to the company because she shared a passion for LSP’s style of photography – and philosophy about people. That people are awesome; that their connections and moments are valuable, that their stories are significant.

Amy’s personal commitment to this philosophy; along with her caring personality & attention to detail, can be seen in the stories she tells for each client she serves.

Interview with Amy | Facts & Photos:

best wedding photographer in berks county

What is your favorite thing about taking a photo and why is photography important to you?

I love photography for its magic.  For it’s ability to elevate the mundane moments of life into something beautiful and take the most grand moments and turn them something we can hold and touch.  It has the power to break down barriers and build connection across languages, age, gender, and culture.  As a photographer, I want to capture not just the way a person looks, but the way it feels to be in that moment with them; to show that we lived passionately and loved deeply.    I have a particular love for wedding photography because marriage has been such a great blessing to my life.  There is great joy and beauty in marriage and I love to celebrate it.

wedding photographer in berks county pa

 What’s your favorite part about working at Life Story?

I love the relationships I share with the other women in the team.  Our children are growing up together; we are invested in each others lives.  As an artist, connection like that is vital.  We support, critique, and stretch each other, and by doing so I believe we are all able to create better art.

wedding photography studio in central pennsylvania


Aside from being a photographer, I’m also a wildlife artist and my work is held in private collections around the world.  I LOVE to read, at the moment I’m reading a lot of epic fantasy – Lord of the Rings type stuff, which I guess makes me kind of a nerd. 

wildlife artist


My husband and I have shared ten years together and we have one little boy who is five years old. 

family photographs in reading pa

In your work or creative process, what concepts are sacred?

I love dramatic compositions and beautiful golden light – the kind that is warm and romantic, that makes me think of a lazy summer afternoon by the water.

20 January 2017

Berks County Newborn with Siblings | Jackson! #teamLSP

Jackson King is third born to a family near and dear to us at Life Story Photography. He is the son of Leah – the one on our team who helps us keep in touch with the world. She keeps our social media pages up to date with all the exciting things going on. She can also be found assisting with photography and event planning. We are proud to have her on our team and to share her newest addition – Jackson – born this past October. Along with his two older siblings, this little guy is sooo adorable! All three are so precious – enjoy the photos!




newborn photo black and white reading pa






11 January 2017

Life Story Photography | Team gathering #TeamLSP #GettoknowLSP

2016 was a year of beauty and growth for our team at Life Story Photography. We welcomed a new addition to our team – Leah (left below) and she welcomed a new addition to her family (newborn photography post to follow). Jennifer Stork’s family also welcomed a new adddition – a little girl born on Valentine’s Day – see her newborn photos here.

We were honored to work with every single client we had the privilege of capturing in photos and videos last year. From weddings and engagements, to newborns and maternity, as well as a mix of family and senior photos that came our way – we have loved getting to know so many amazing, wonderful people.

We decided it was time to CELEBRATE! In appreciation of all the hard work and commitment that the team has given to making our client’s have a great experience – we had a party. It started with appetizers and team photos 🙂 Then we enjoyed a delicious meal together compliments of the talented owner of Wild Sage Coffee & Kitchen in Reading, PA – Jessica Weixler-Landis (Jennifer Stork is proud to call her sister).

Thanks to everyone who has been part of what we are doing. From our clients who trust us to capture their moments and take care of them through the process, to our family and friends who give us advice and help us grow, to our husbands who support us in many ways, to those who care for our kiddos while we are doing our thing 🙂 We are grateful.

Life Story Photography Team PhotoFrom L to R: Leah, Amy, Dana, Jennifer and Crystal
wedding photographers
wedding photographers
wedding photographers
wedding photographers

And a behind the scenes photo from our shoot…

Behind the scenes photography team photo

28 September 2016



Wedding and Newborn Photo Studio Berks County PA

Wedding and Newborn Photo Studio Berks County PA

2015 was a year of monumental progress in the studio. By the end of the year, it was ready for our first in-studio Christmas Mini Session Event! We have also had a blast hosting clients in our new space for their maternity, newborn, engagement, senior and family sessions – along with wedding consultations and photo reveal appointments.

We still do many sessions on-location, but with the scenic grounds surrounding our studio, and the convenience of the dressing room inside, many clients choose to come here for their whole experience! Some choose all outdoor photos, some choose all indoor studio shots, and some choose a combination of both. We love the variety we are able to offer!

We have dreamed about this space for years – we want clients to get the feeling – as soon as they walk in – that this is a place where their story is important, where it is going to be celebrated. That this is a place where they will make the most of capturing their moments and bringing the images into their lives in a meaningful way.

A big THANK YOU to all our clients who have made the trek to our location! The studio is attached to Jennifer Stork’s home on a countryside hilltop in Bernville, PA. The driveway winds a half mile uphill. It is a distance from many of the people we work with, so we are honored to have our clients come to us for their photo experience.

We are looking forward to all that is yet to happen here…  The finishing details that are yet to be put on the studio, all the people we will get to meet and the stories we will tell.

If you haven’t been here – we would love to have you visit! We are open for business, contact us if you want to set up an appointment. Please check back for info on our official grand opening. We still have some big ideas in mind before that time comes – but we will be putting it together piece by piece and hope to be ready for the party by the end of this upcoming summer – 2017.

And without further adieu…please enjoy this visual tour of the Life Story Photography studio!

Wedding and Newborn Photo Studio Berks County PA

The meeting table in our studio is one of our favorite features

it is where we share hot drinks while getting to know people and their stories.  It is where we get to see smiles and tears as our clients see their images for the first time and realize they will have these moments forever. It is where we meet as a team and talk about how we can work together to make your experience great.

Wedding and Newborn Photo Studio Berks County PA

Samples – we stock samples of everything so you can see and touch the products we can create for you

Wedding and Newborn Photo Studio Berks County PA

Wedding and Newborn Photo Studio Berks County PA

Newborn props and backgrounds – we help stylize your session!

Wedding and Newborn Photo Studio Berks County PA

The Dressing Room – our pretty place – complete with chandeliers and a baby changing station 🙂

Wedding and Newborn Photo Studio Berks County PA

Wedding and Newborn Photo Studio Berks County PA

Wedding and Newborn Photo Studio Berks County PA

Wedding and Newborn Photo Studio Berks County PA


BEFORE AND AFTER – because who doesn’t love to look at that?

Before and After – the Life Story Photography meeting table

before and after photography studio photos

Before and After – props and backgrounds storage

before and after photography studio photos

Before and After – the reception area

before and after photography studio photos

Before and After – the dressing table

before and after photography studio photos

And a few more pictures – the studio in action

Note from Jennifer StorkWhen our family’s newest addition – Nyah Rose- arrived on Valentine’s Day, I was so grateful to have the studio ready to use for her newborn photos!  You can see more of the photos from this session here (because I am a mom and I love to share photos of my babies!) 

Newborn photography studio near Reading PA

Newborn Photographer near Reading PA

6 April 2016

Berks County Newborn with Siblings Photo Shoot | Nyah Rose #teamLSP

We are overjoyed to announce the arrival of Nyah Rose – the newest addition to Jennifer Stork’s family (one of our photographers).

She is a beauty!

Nyah was born this past Valentine’s Day.  We added a “valentine” heart beanie and some “rose” props to our collection before her shoot in our studio 🙂

This upcoming weekend, we are looking forward to Jim and Kristin’s wedding at the Cork Factory Hotel in Lancaster.  Jenn’s last meeting with them was set for February 13th…tentatively…since the baby was about to arrive. The meeting happened as planned, and only 9 hours later, Nyah arrived!  Now the wedding is almost here, and Nyah is turning two months old.  Just goes to show how quickly time flies.  We are so happy to capture memories and details that will help hearts cherish these moments for years to come.

Newborn photography in Reading PA AREA

Newborn photography in Reading PA AREA

Newborn photography in Reading PA AREA

Newborn photography in Reading PA AREA

Newborn photography in Reading PA AREA

Newborn photography in Reading PA AREA

Newborn photography in Reading PA AREA

Newborn photography in Reading PA AREA

Newborn with two Siblings

newborn girl with big brother

Newborn Girl with older sister pink headbands

valentine day newborn with heart hat beanie

Newborn photography in Reading PA AREA

29 January 2016


It is my pleasure to introduce the team! – a message from Jennifer Stork (Photographer and Owner of Life Story Photography)

It all started four years ago (in 2012).  Life Story Photography was at a turning point.  I had owned and run the company as a one-person-operation since 2007, but after becoming a mom – I no longer had enough time to sustain the business on my own.

While my available time had decreased, my passion for photography – and for communicating the value that I see in the stories of each individual, couple and family – became even more important. Life moments like choosing to unite with someone for life in marriage, carrying a human being for 9 months and then meeting that little one when they arrive – are so meaningful.  Photography is a monument that we build at those moments to cherish, remember and celebrate.

But I couldn’t serve clients in the same way anymore.  I had to make a change.  I could – give up, keep a crazy schedule that would probably end up with a lot of stress and neglect to my family, OR…get help.

So going back to 2012 – in comes Crystal…  I knew of a graphic designer in the area who was soon to be a mom, and talked to her about the possibility of working together.  She started coming in to the office one day a week – helping out with anything from designing books and albums to creating blog posts and talking through all the day to day decisions we need to make.

Since then, the Life Story Photography team has gained three more employees – Dana (graphic designer/assistant photographer ), Rachael (social media communicator/vendor rep) and Amy (Photographer). We have a schedule that allows everyone to contribute from their area of expertise, at a pace that balances with the rest of life. We aren’t all in the office together at the same time in the day-to-day; but when we are together for team meetings, it is a time to build ideas, grow and laugh together.

Two minds are better than one…having five working together has been amazing. Our combined skills, strengths and personalities have allowed us to create a better, fuller experience for our clients and a more sustainable company.

Looking back at that turning point in 2012, I was only thinking of making a choice to solve the problem at hand, but getting help – and the team that has come as a result, has brought so much more than just the ability to keep the company intact.  It has been above and beyond what I expected to come from it.

For our clients: it means we are able to serve them more attentively, creatively and fully. Even though most of our clients don’t meet the part of our team that works behind the scenes – they all benefit from each of them at some point in their experience – from the sneak peeks on social media, to the faster turnaround time on getting images back, to the full line of custom designed wedding albums, books and photo products available.

For our team: because we are able to thrive in a creative environment while still being moms, students and wives – we are grateful for the opportunity.

For me: it means being able to continue in the work that I am passionate about – in an even better way.

So if I haven’t made it clear yet…I am very excited about this team and grateful for each person who is part of it.  There are also some other people that we would like to thank: Our clients – your support for what we do makes this all possible. All the family members, child care center workers and preschool teachers who care for our kiddos when we are working. And all the friends and family who have given advice and encouragement throughout the years.

As a team, we are able to serve our clients and our purpose more effectively.  It is awesome to be able to work in community.  This past fall, while out on photo shoots, a few clients asked me the same question – “How do YOU keep up with it all?” With a smile, I gave the answer – “I don’t.”  That is a privileged response that I am very happy to be able to give – WE do.

Without further ad0…  (From L to R)  Amy, Jennifer, Crystal, Rachael and Dana

Berks County PA Photography Team

15 January 2016


For this week’s 2015 review post – we are sharing some highlights.  There are many more where these came from…  For today we are going to focus on two of our past wedding couples who became parents for the first time in 2015, the many kind words we received from clients, the one-year-old sessions we did for babies we first met as newborns, and an in-house maternity session for one of our own who is due this Valentines Day!

Kyle & Jill + Mya!

We couldn’t be happier for this couple.  Kyle and Jill’s wedding at the Crowne Plaza was a blast in September of 2014 – and this year we got to meet their new little girl!  Not only that – but Jill had the idea to use her wedding gown in some of the newborn photos.  Don’t you love how it visually ties together these life changing moments for this couple?

Berks Co. PA wedding and newborn photography

Erika & Huy + Anh Kai!

And another couple that we have been honored to work with over the past few years since we did their engagement and wedding photos in 2013 – Erika and Huy.  What a handsome little man came into their lives this year!

Newborn photography in Reading PA AREA

Kind Words!

We appreciate all the kind words that clients sent our way this year – as well the referrals they shared with others.  It means so much to us to hear back about how much everyone enjoyed their experience and loves their photos.  Check out more of what they said HERE


They turned ONE!

We did their newborn photos last year, and saw them again this year.  One year brings so much change!  That is part of why we love newborn photography so much.  It is a privilege to capture the freshness of those first days – something to treasure and bring you back to those amazing first moments getting to know them.  As moms, we know how much this means!


Newborn photography in Reading PA AREA


Newborn photography in Reading PA AREA


Newborn photography in Reading PA AREA


Newborn photography in Reading PA AREA


Newborn photography in Reading PA AREA

Jenn (one of our photographers) is expecting another little one – and our other photographer, Amy, captured the moment!

Jenn and her husband Jeen found out this past year that they are having another baby. Their little girl is due this Valentines Day!  Big brother and sister are so excited.

maternity photography in Reading PA AREA

maternity photography in Reading PA AREA

2015 was tremendous!  So many unforgettable moments and good memories.  We look forward to seeing all that 2016 has to hold!

8 January 2016

2015 | A Year in Review: Our Clients

For this post, we are focusing on the most important part of what we did in 2015 – the people we had the privilege of working with. We love our clients! It all begins with a phone call, an email – or even a Facebook message. They may have been referred by a friend, or may have found us through a Google search. However the connection starts, it is always amazing hearing their life stories and getting to walk with them through monumental moments and new chapters. We see value in the story of every person, couple and family that we work with – and count it a privilege to help them make the most of capturing their memories.

So, THANKS to all of the wonderful people that we worked with in 2015!  We are so excited for what this past year meant for you, and hope that you have many more moments of joy in this new year. Keep in touch!

Photographer Berks County Wedding Engagement Newborn

1 January 2016

2015 | A Year in Review

Happy New Year!

2015 was an awesome year for the Life Story Photography team! We worked with wonderful clients and photographed a lot of amazing weddings & sessions. We also made some exciting progress in our STUDIO!!!  And – we gained a couple of additions to our Life Story team! Check back each Friday in January for a post highlighting what 2015 meant to Life Story Photography. Thanks for keeping in touch – we can’t wait to share more about what has been happening with you!

21 March 2013

Ella Joy | Newborn Photographer, Berks County | Reading, PA #teamLSP

Children are such a blessing! Our little Ella Joy is two months old already. These two months have been filled with so many precious moments. It is amazing watching our son, Evan, love her so much. The other day he put on his sweet voice and, between kisses and hugs kept repeating to her, “I love you, I love you baby Ella.” Here he is, jumping in front of the camera and getting her to smile for me. I’m pretty sure she loves him too. 🙂

Baby Girl Newborn Photography Berks County PA (3)
And here are some pictures from the week after she arrived. She is already changing so much! I can’t tell you how happy I am to have these photos to cherish. And what a privilege it is to provide images that have this much meaning for my clients when their new little ones arrive.

Baby Girl Newborn Photography Berks County PA (1)