Wedding & Newborn Photographer in Berks County | Amy Stauffer #teamLSP

Get to know Lead Photographer Amy Stauffer! 

Amy has been part of the team at Life Story Photography since the beginning of 2014. She was drawn to the company because she shared a passion for LSP’s style of photography – and philosophy about people. That people are awesome; that their connections and moments are valuable, that their stories are significant.

Amy’s personal commitment to this philosophy; along with her caring personality & attention to detail, can be seen in the stories she tells for each client she serves.

Interview with Amy | Facts & Photos:

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What is your favorite thing about taking a photo and why is photography important to you?

I love photography for its magic.  For it’s ability to elevate the mundane moments of life into something beautiful and take the most grand moments and turn them something we can hold and touch.  It has the power to break down barriers and build connection across languages, age, gender, and culture.  As a photographer, I want to capture not just the way a person looks, but the way it feels to be in that moment with them; to show that we lived passionately and loved deeply.    I have a particular love for wedding photography because marriage has been such a great blessing to my life.  There is great joy and beauty in marriage and I love to celebrate it.

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 What’s your favorite part about working at Life Story?

I love the relationships I share with the other women in the team.  Our children are growing up together; we are invested in each others lives.  As an artist, connection like that is vital.  We support, critique, and stretch each other, and by doing so I believe we are all able to create better art.

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Aside from being a photographer, I’m also a wildlife artist and my work is held in private collections around the world.  I LOVE to read, at the moment I’m reading a lot of epic fantasy – Lord of the Rings type stuff, which I guess makes me kind of a nerd. 

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My husband and I have shared ten years together and we have one little boy who is five years old. 

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In your work or creative process, what concepts are sacred?

I love dramatic compositions and beautiful golden light – the kind that is warm and romantic, that makes me think of a lazy summer afternoon by the water.

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