It is my pleasure to introduce the team! – a message from Jennifer Stork (Photographer and Owner of Life Story Photography)

It all started four years ago (in 2012).  Life Story Photography was at a turning point.  I had owned and run the company as a one-person-operation since 2007, but after becoming a mom – I no longer had enough time to sustain the business on my own.

While my available time had decreased, my passion for photography – and for communicating the value that I see in the stories of each individual, couple and family – became even more important. Life moments like choosing to unite with someone for life in marriage, carrying a human being for 9 months and then meeting that little one when they arrive – are so meaningful.  Photography is a monument that we build at those moments to cherish, remember and celebrate.

But I couldn’t serve clients in the same way anymore.  I had to make a change.  I could – give up, keep a crazy schedule that would probably end up with a lot of stress and neglect to my family, OR…get help.

So going back to 2012 – in comes Crystal…  I knew of a graphic designer in the area who was soon to be a mom, and talked to her about the possibility of working together.  She started coming in to the office one day a week – helping out with anything from designing books and albums to creating blog posts and talking through all the day to day decisions we need to make.

Since then, the Life Story Photography team has gained three more employees – Dana (graphic designer/assistant photographer ), Rachael (social media communicator/vendor rep) and Amy (Photographer). We have a schedule that allows everyone to contribute from their area of expertise, at a pace that balances with the rest of life. We aren’t all in the office together at the same time in the day-to-day; but when we are together for team meetings, it is a time to build ideas, grow and laugh together.

Two minds are better than one…having five working together has been amazing. Our combined skills, strengths and personalities have allowed us to create a better, fuller experience for our clients and a more sustainable company.

Looking back at that turning point in 2012, I was only thinking of making a choice to solve the problem at hand, but getting help – and the team that has come as a result, has brought so much more than just the ability to keep the company intact.  It has been above and beyond what I expected to come from it.

For our clients: it means we are able to serve them more attentively, creatively and fully. Even though most of our clients don’t meet the part of our team that works behind the scenes – they all benefit from each of them at some point in their experience – from the sneak peeks on social media, to the faster turnaround time on getting images back, to the full line of custom designed wedding albums, books and photo products available.

For our team: because we are able to thrive in a creative environment while still being moms, students and wives – we are grateful for the opportunity.

For me: it means being able to continue in the work that I am passionate about – in an even better way.

So if I haven’t made it clear yet…I am very excited about this team and grateful for each person who is part of it.  There are also some other people that we would like to thank: Our clients – your support for what we do makes this all possible. All the family members, child care center workers and preschool teachers who care for our kiddos when we are working. And all the friends and family who have given advice and encouragement throughout the years.

As a team, we are able to serve our clients and our purpose more effectively.  It is awesome to be able to work in community.  This past fall, while out on photo shoots, a few clients asked me the same question – “How do YOU keep up with it all?” With a smile, I gave the answer – “I don’t.”  That is a privileged response that I am very happy to be able to give – WE do.

Without further ad0…  (From L to R)  Amy, Jennifer, Crystal, Rachael and Dana

Berks County PA Photography Team

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