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Get to know Lead Photographer Jennifer Stork! 

Jenn’s passion for photography and people’s stories began at a young age. She was 15 when she shot her first wedding. After graduating from Calvin College in 2007, she moved to Berks County, PA and founded Life Story Photography. At the time, aside from shooting weddings & portraits through LSP, she was also photographing for the Lebanon Daily News, Spaces Magazine and From House to Home Magazine. At the end of 2010, when her first child was born, Jennifer transitioned to fully devoting her work to wedding and newborn photography for Life Story.

In all the work that she does, Jennifer is motivated by her passion for people and the value she sees in their stories and their relationships.

Interview with Jennifer| Facts & Photos:

Jennifer Stork, founder and creative director at Life Story Photography

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My family is my world! Words can’t describe how grateful I am for my husband, Jeen, and our kids. We were married June 25, 2006 near Reading, PA. It poured that weekend, and poured, and poured until our area hit record breaking flood levels. My grandfather told me that rain on your wedding day means blessings are in store. I guess he was right!

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Travel!!! I am always up for an adventure. I traveled across the United Sates with my sister when I was 17,  took a road trip across Europe after graduating college, and since then have been blessed to travel around the world to tell stories of missionaries and non-profit organizations through photos and videos.

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Why is photography important to you?

“One should not only photograph things for what they are, but for what else they are.” – Minor White
One of my photography professors had our class listen to music, look at works of art, and then have a moment of silence, after which he shared this quote by the historic photographer, Minor White. It has always stayed with me because it awakened in me an understanding of what I love about visual records of our lives. It is not about what life looks like. It is not about the physical facts. It is about “what else” these moments are. Pieces of a beautiful story – moments that intertwine, connect us and grow us. That is what I love about photography, being able to capture the value and significance that I see in everyday stories. 

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What’s your favorite part about working at Life Story?

I love people. The ladies I have the privilege to work with, the clients we are honored to serve, and the friends and family who support me in so many ways to enable me to do this work. The relationships that have been built as a result of Life Story are invaluable to me.  

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