Team LSP Cares! Giving back to the community one cause at a time

From one of our Lead Photographers, Jennifer Stork:

Have you heard about “#LSPcares” ? There is a part of our company that has always been close to our hearts here at Life Story Photography, and now it has a name. LSP Cares is our company’s way of giving back and passing it on.

As the owner, I have always been able to use Life Story’s equipment, experience and funding to reach out and give a helping hand in our community and beyond. Whether through opportunities to serve overseas as part of video production teams working for missions and non-profit organizations, or through smaller commitments; like donating a photo session to raise funds for a person in our community battling cancer, I have always had the PRIVILEGE of being part of these causes.

More recently, as the team has grown, I have had a desire to include everyone in this joy of serving. It has been such a blessing to be able to contribute with LSP’s help, that I want our whole team to be a part of that in a tangible way.

Our team has been talking about how to implement this over the last year. As we have journeyed through solidifying our vision and mission as a team – how we can make an impact together has been a big part of the discussion. We want our company to be part of the move toward social responsibility in business. We love to see companies that are being intentional about giving back. Even though LSP has always given back, we have been searching for a way to be more intentional about how we do it, and more intentional about communicating about it (starting with this blog post).

We discussed finding a specific charitable organization to partner with. All that we looked at were great causes, but we never settled on one. Partly because even though we can’t help everyone, we want to have availability to consider the many requests we get for help with local causes. And partly because we want our service to come from the heart, and even if our team found an organization that was close to all of our hearts – life will bring changes to the team.

In our journey, we had also considered whether there was a way we could give each of our team members part of the budget to use toward causes THEY were passionate about. This idea was clarified after I read Dave Ramsey’s book, Entreleadership. After learning about his company’s policy that gives team members paid vacation hours to serve/give back, a revelation hit – we can do that. We can give paid vacation hours and use of equipment to each of our team members so they can serve in areas that are close to their hearts. 

What this does for the team:

It makes Life Story’s resources available to our team,
So that they can give back to causes close to their hearts,
So that they can take ownership of the difference they are making
So that they can tangibly share in the blessing of giving

What this does for the community:

It gives the community our resources at a greater capacity
Knowing that their cause will be considered by our whole team
Knowing that when one of our team members serves them, it will be from the heart

What this does for our clients:
Naming our charitable efforts and committing to share more often, allows our clients to connect with the difference that they are making possible.
And, when their Life Story collides with a cause, it gives them a way to let us know about it

Thanks to all of our clients who have worked with us through the years. It is BECAUSE OF YOU that LSP Cares is possible. You have been part of more than you know. THANK YOU.

When you work with Life Story Photography, a part of the investment you make into your family’s story, goes toward helping other families and charitable organizations. As our client, you are a part of Life Story Photography, and you are part of LSP Cares! So from us, and the benefactors of LSP Cares, THANK YOU for your investment!

Do you have a cause you would like to submit to LSP Cares? CLICK HERE