Reading PA Wedding Photos at Goggleworks | Josh and Ally

A reception at the Goggleworks! I always thought the Goggleworks was one of the most unique and stylish wedding reception venues in the Reading PA area, and I finally got the chance to be the photographer at a wedding there! What an amazing day. Beautiful sunshine, beautiful vows written by the bride and groom, and touching toasts at the reception. More than a few tears were shed – when the groom cries, everyone cries! Josh and Ally’s love for each other is so apparent. It was fun to be with them and to see them enjoying the little things about each other throughout the day – like when Josh went browsing at a T-shirt stand outside of Goggleworks before the reception and Ally couldn’t help but laugh. So many fun moments. I am sure that everyone who was there has something that they could add to the list. Congrats you two!

Ceremony | Bern Church
Reception | Goggleworks
Second Photographer | Johnny Weixler

Wedding Photos at Grings Mill Reading PA
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021_wedding photos at goggleworks reading pa
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