Reading PA Outdoor Wedding Photography | Cory & Christin

Congratulations Cory and Christin! Their beautiful wedding was down the road from where we live and where the Life Story Photography studio is under construction.  In fact, if you could zoom in on this first panoramic, you could see it on the hilltop across the valley!  There were touching moments from throughout this day, along with moments that made me laugh.  Take, for instance, the set of pictures of them on the vintage couch.  I loved the serious and humorous mix that fit so well with Cory and Christin.  On their serious side, they care deeply about God and others, but they also know how to enjoy life and are lots of fun to be around.


wedding_photography_007 wedding_photography_009 wedding_photography_011 wedding_photography_014 wedding_photography_015 wedding_photography_016 wedding_photography_018 wedding_photography_019 wedding_photography_020 wedding_photography_021

Gotta love the humor the guys added to the day!  Here is Cory getting some last minute wedding tips.

wedding_photography_022 wedding_photography_023 wedding_photography_024 wedding_photography_025 wedding_photography_026

SCENIC Ceremony!

wedding_photography_027 wedding_photography_028 wedding_photography_029 hilltop wedding reading pa (1) hilltop wedding reading pa (2) wedding_photography_031 wedding_photography_032 wedding_photography_033 wedding_photography_034 wedding_photography_035 wedding_photography_036 wedding_photography_037 wedding_photography_038 wedding_photography_041

Lantern send off at the end of the night!

wedding_photography_042 wedding_photography_043

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