Outdoor and Studio Senior Photos in Berks County | Noah

Your senior photos can’t get rained out of the studio – but if you are hoping for outdoor photos for your session and there are storms on the way – don’t underestimate how amazing the skies can be for backgrounds! Noah decided to go for it, even though there was a chance of rain, and I’m so glad he did. He got great backgrounds with the texture of the looming clouds in the sky.

We had a blast during his session. Noah is friendly, bright and he has the coolest sneakers ever 🙂 At this session I learned what “Sneakerhead” means, and that to some people, sneakers are not just comfortable shoes to wear – but a form of art. Congratulations Noah and all the best as you continue your journey at Shippensburg!

ominous sky in senior photossplit rail fence senior photo graduation pictures on stone pathway Senior outdoors at tree glasses restoration hardware styleGlasses are a great accessory to add! senior photo studio with barn doorsThose are our studio’s barn doors in the background!sneaker head pics for seniorYou should have seen his face when these photos came up on the preview screen after his session. These were the definitely some of the favorites. graduation photo with red tie high school senior studio photography in berks countyHe brought this classy outfit to compliment the casual looks.high school graduate photo in studioShow off some personality at your senior session. You deserve to have some fun with it after all the hard work you have done!

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