Maternity Session | Berks County, PA | Brittany & Chris

In 2008 we photographed this beautiful couples wedding and ever since they have been wanting their own child. You may have seen the video we shared featuring their story, if not, watch it HERE. With high hopes they wanted to be the best parents that they could ever be. But as time went on doctors told them that having a baby wasn’t possible. So they told themselves they were going to be the best Aunt and Uncle to their nieces and nephews. Just about a year ago came a wonderful surprise. Brittany was pregnant with a baby girl! They were so beyond happy and excited for this moment in their life. As our photographer, Jennifer, sat down and talked with them after the shoot, she was so impressed by the couple’s courage and perspective. When asked about whether she would like her stretch marks edited out, Brittany said they don’t bother her because they are a mark of something that she¬†thought would never happen. We here at Life Story are so fortunate to be able to share this loving moment with this family and capture its beauty forever.

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