Leola Village | PA Wedding Location | Amanda + Adam

Wedding Photography | Life Story Photography | Jennifer Stork and Johnny Weixler
Ceremony Location | The Inn at Leola Village
DJ | Titus Touch

The Inn at Leola Village was a picturesque backdrop for this September wedding. ¬†Guests enjoyed a wine reception upon arrival and an exquisite presentation of details from that point on. The excellent service of the staff at the Inn at Leola Village, and all the ideas and personal touches that the bride put into the day went a long way to welcoming everyone into a celebration of this couple’s union. So happy for you two Adam and Amanda!

Leola Village_wedding_photography_058 Leola Village_wedding_photography_059 Leola Village_wedding_photography_060 Leola Village_wedding_photography_061 Leola Village_wedding_photography_062 Leola Village_wedding_photography_063


Leola Village_wedding_photography_064 Leola Village_wedding_photography_065 Leola Village_wedding_photography_066


Leola Village_wedding_photography_067 Leola Village_wedding_photography_068 Leola Village_wedding_photography_069


Leola Village_wedding_photography_070 Leola Village_wedding_photography_071 Leola Village_wedding_photography_072 Leola Village_wedding_photography_073 Leola Village_wedding_photography_074


Leola Village_wedding_photography_075 Leola Village_wedding_photography_076 Leola Village_wedding_photography_077 Leola Village_wedding_photography_078 Leola Village_wedding_photography_079 Leola Village_wedding_photography_080 Leola Village_wedding_photography_081 Leola Village_wedding_photography_082 Leola Village_wedding_photography_083 Leola Village_wedding_photography_084 Leola Village_wedding_photography_085 Leola Village_wedding_photography_086 Leola Village_wedding_photography_087 Leola Village_wedding_photography_088 Leola Village_wedding_photography_089 Leola Village_wedding_photography_090


Leola Village_wedding_photography_091 Leola Village_wedding_photography_092 Leola Village_wedding_photography_093 Leola Village_wedding_photography_094

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