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Huy and Erika are such a sweet couple! They are so peaceful and patient – and their story is awesome! I am so glad they agreed to share it. Enough of my words, READ THIS:

Huy and I were invited to a Halloween party by a mutual friend on October 27, 2007. He had no costume (it was a costume party) so he quickly went to Wal-Mart and bought a mattress egg crate foam. He took it home and had his mom help him make a fortune cookie out of the egg crate foam!
I arrived at the party with a couple of my girlfriends and noticed a “wonton” sitting on a couch. Not knowing who this guy was, I yelled “Oh my gosh! A wonton!!!” So then I get a response back from Huy saying “I’m a fortune cookie dammit!”.
After the party, we texted each other here and there. From there, we started talking more often and going on dates.
A little after four years of dating (January 2, 2012) Huy decides to take me to a Japanese restaurant with a couple of friends for dinner. He had introduced me to sushi and I loved sushi since he had me try it. After dinner at any Asian restaurant, you get a fortune cookie. My fortune cookie wrapper looked different than the others but I didn’t think anything of it.
When I broke my cookie in half, I was reading my “fortune” and my fortune cookie said “Erika, will you marry me?” In shock, I go to look at Huy and he is on his knee with my beautiful ring again asking me to marry him. Tears coming down both of our eyes and with joy I replied “YES!” My fortune is becoming a reality as we get closer to May 26, 2013!!! By far this was the most accurate fortune I have received and I am delighted to become his future wife and to have gone through this experience with my wonderful fiance.

-Erika & Huy

*PS – I love how she wrote, “my fortune cookie said, ‘Erika, will you marry me?'” knowing that she’s talking about the actual cookie, but “my fortune cookie” could also refer to Huy in his costume 🙂

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OMG! the pictures are perfect just like you guys are together. I am so happy for you guys. True love is hard to find and knowing that my bestie Erika found a great guy makes me happy!! Thanks for including me in your wedding. I know your marriage will last a life time!…. Man, I should have saved that for a toast 🙂 love you guys!!!!!!

Mairim Valcarcel

It is such a wonderful feeling knowing one of my good friends have found a man, amazing enough to steal her heart! I love you Ericka and I wish you and Huy the best of luck

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