Ella Joy | Newborn Photographer, Berks County | Reading, PA #teamLSP

Children are such a blessing! Our little Ella Joy is two months old already. These two months have been filled with so many precious moments. It is amazing watching our son, Evan, love her so much. The other day he put on his sweet voice and, between kisses and hugs kept repeating to her, “I love you, I love you baby Ella.” Here he is, jumping in front of the camera and getting her to smile for me. I’m pretty sure she loves him too. 🙂

Baby Girl Newborn Photography Berks County PA (3)
And here are some pictures from the week after she arrived. She is already changing so much! I can’t tell you how happy I am to have these photos to cherish. And what a privilege it is to provide images that have this much meaning for my clients when their new little ones arrive.

Baby Girl Newborn Photography Berks County PA (1)

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