Berks County Newborn with Siblings | Jackson! #teamLSP

Jackson King is third born to a family near and dear to us at Life Story Photography. He is the son of Leah – the one on our team who helps us keep in touch with the world. She keeps our social media pages up to date with all the exciting things going on. She can also be found assisting with photography and event planning. We are proud to have her on our team and to share her newest addition – Jackson – born this past October. Along with his two older siblings, this little guy is sooo adorable! All three are so precious – enjoy the photos!

berks-county_newborn-with-siblings_001 berks-county_newborn-with-siblings_002 berks-county_newborn-with-siblings_004 newborn photo black and white reading pa berks-county_newborn-with-siblings_005 berks-county_newborn-with-siblings_006 berks-county_newborn-with-siblings_007 berks-county_newborn-with-siblings_008 berks-county_newborn-with-siblings_009

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