Beautiful People | 2018 Throwback #4

I enjoy people. There are 7.7 billion people in the world, but only 1 you! One, single, individual YOU, uniquely created. I love to capture faces, because a face is a window to the individual story of a person who is not exactly like anyone else.

In 2018, we launched BERKS HEADSHOTS – a co-brand that serves individuals and companies who simply need to update their chest-up headshots. On the surface, it may seem like a mundane job to photograph headshots compared to the grandeur of weddings or the touching moments of portrait sessions.

Yes, Berks Headshots is helping to fill a simple need in our image-driven world – to show what someone looks like. But behind the scenes…it is more than that to me. It is the art and joy of peering into the uniqueness of individuals and producing an image for them that says “this is the one and only, valuable, wonderful you.”

That’s why I titled this blog post “Beautiful People.” I believe every person is valuable; the beauty I see in every face goes deeper than physical features – it is about the story behind that individual and the essence of who they are.

I will end this post with a special thanks to two beautiful people – my mom of Weixler Consulting who is my featured headshot model, and Crystal Merrick who is behind all the design for Berks Headshots, including the website and logo.

This post is the fourth in a 5 part series: Throwback to 2018.

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Jennifer Stork
“I believe every family’s story is worth cherishing.”

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