Angela + Mitch! | November Wedding | Berks County, PA Wedding Photographers

Wedding Photography | Life Story Photography | Jennifer Stork and Amy Stauffer
Florist | Sherry McDonough
Cake | C&J Catering
Rustic Ceremony & Reception Location | Iron Stone Ranch, Elizabethtown
Wedding Planner | Natalie Maldonado
DJ | Jam on Sound Productions | Mike
Dress Salon | Davids Bridal

From the goldenrod dresses and the wheat grass bouquets, to the homemade applesauce favors, this gorgeous November wedding was a day full of romance in the Fall.  Angela and Mitch are the type of people that put you at ease and make you feel at home. Mitch will make you laugh and Angela’s smile will brighten the room.  The location they chose was a perfect fit for their day.

The Iron Stone Ranch provided a rustic and cozy atmosphere, complete with a bonfire and s’mores roasting at the end of the day.  The bride’s preparations were on site in the farmhouse, right across from a field where miniature donkeys roam.  The ladies paid them a visit before the ceremony!

There were a few tears at the start of the ceremony, but when the barn doors swung wide open and Angela stepped inside, Mitch’s reaction brought a lot more tears from friends and family.  After their exchanging of vows and rings, and taking communion, they stepped outside and were whisked away, along with the bridal party, by a hay wagon for portraits.  A tractor pulled them along the photo trail, and we stopped at beautiful spots along the way.  The ladies were amazing, even though it was cold.  We loved their bright colors in the November woods.  Everyone warmed up at the reception with a lively celebration of dance and good food.  Thanks to Angela and Mitch for choosing us as your photographers, and thanks to everyone who helped make their day special!


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James & Bonnie DeBlasse

The pictures are amazing, looks like the wedding was very beautiful. Hope and pray for a wonderful life together. Love Jim & Bonnie

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